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If I win the ALS hearing, does that mean when I go to court if I am found guilty of DUI I will still lose my license for 120 day

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That's correct. If you are found guilty of DUI at trial or plead guilty to that charge, you will face a license suspension and if it's your first offense, you'll be eligible to reinstate after 120 days IF you complete all of your special conditions during that time.


Yes, but the suspension is for 1 years, you are eligible to have your full license reinstated if this is your first conviction for dui within 5 years and you have completed a DUI risk reduction course.


If you win the Administrative License Suspension (ALS) hearing your Georgia drivers license will not be suspended by ALS court procedure. However, if you are convicted of DUI in the actual criminal case your license WILL be suspended. You are eligible for an early reinstatement of your license after 120 days, if it is a 1st DUI and you have completed the DUI risk reduction class. You will also be required to pay a license reinstatement fee. I recommend that you retain a qualified, competent and experienced DUI defense attorney to represent you throughout this process.


The court has absolutely nothing to do with whether you lose your license or not. Both the administrative suspension and the criminal court matter are reported to the Georgia Department of Driver Services, and DDS imposes the license suspension based upon your driving history. Technically, the suspension is for one year. You should consider hiring an attorney who experienced in winning DUIs so that you don't have to concern yourself with losing your license for any amount of time.

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