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If I were17 when I had a sexual relationship with an adult and am not18 can my parents press charges now that they have evidence

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I have been with an older persin about a year, and my mom serched through my room when I was 17 picked the lock on my diary and kept it. She says she has up to 3years to press charges regardless of my age. She kept the diary with all the information in it. The person is older then me, but I'm 18 now. we recently broke up just till we find out exactly if she can do what she says. I don't want to press charges and have done alot of looking into it only and found nothing saying that she can do anything now that I'm 18 but I want to know for a fact that she can't. Can she really press charges? I'm also looking into emancipation

btw...I totally messed up on my summery thing I AM NOW 18.

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I am not sure it is illegal. I think it may depend on how much older the other party was.

Also, how long ago did this happen.

My standard disclaimer: I am not offering legal advice, assume I do not know the law in your state and that I am just making suggestions for starting points for when you do speak with an attorney. Do NOT rely on anything I write and contact a lawyer in your area immediately after reading my posting.


As long as the other prson was not more than 24 years old, you have nothing to fear.


Mr. Waggoner is absolutely correct on this one regarding the age of the boyfriend. I might add that unless your mother has other evidence of the alleged sexual relationship (i.e., your boyfriend testifying against you or her actually witnessing the sexual relationship), your statements in the diary could be excluded from trial under the corpus delecti rule. It doesn't sound like you have much to worry about, especially if your guy was under 24 at the time.