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If I were to sue for a botched adult circumcision would photographs be enough to prove it was botched?

Philadelphia, PA |

Or would I have to get examined?

Are the pictures me and my lawyer take evident enough?

What if you can best tell it is botched when I try to get erect?

Tell me how it would be done please?

I mentioned it was best evident it is botched when I try to get erect but there's no way I could become erect in a room with a guy examining me so with that could it just be proven with the photographs?

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Typically, the defendant would use a defense medical expert to perform a physical examination of the person who is claiming such an injury.

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You would need a medical expert to testify as to the standards of practice in such a situation, and the cause of your medical issue. A picture alone would not be enough, as it's not clear what the standards are, what the doctor did wrong and if the doctor's negligence is the cause of the problem.

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You should retain an experienced attorney in your state to assist you. Typically, photographs of an injury would be admissible as proof of an injury. Depending on the circumstances, your attorney may want to have the jury actually view the injury. However, I cannot imagine many judges would allow you to exhibit your injury to a jury even if you wanted to.

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Photographs are priobably good enough. If you can best tell about the botched circumcision when erect, then you need to take photos of your penis when it is erect. It is easy to do with a digital camera. You can do it yourself. Of course, an examination by your expert witness is always a good idea, at least before the case is tried.

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