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If I were to file suit against a police officer and a private citizen which court would I file for malicious prosecution and

Keene, NH |

false arrest, and false imprisonment? would that be federal court?

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I am not licensed in NH, but which court to bring a suit in is a very complicated question and very fact intensive. A courts jurisdiction is usually very limited but can also be very broad at the same time. Lawyers spend years learning these things and continually have to keep up with the current laws to know the answers to these questions. I recommend calling a few local attorneys in your area and finding one that can best help you to know if you have a case and in which court to bring it. If you do not think you have enough money to pay for a lawyer upfront, there are other ways such as fees based on the outcome of the case or payment plans. Trying to bring your own case to court is not recommended even for the smartest of people because there are things that even professionals miss from time to time and you want all of your right protected.