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If i was placed on court supervision in dupage county and I got a dui in dekalb county does dupage county know i violated cs?

Dekalb, IL |

Im just curious if dupage county checks to see if you violated your court supervision. I have a final court date and I know they will ask if i violated any criminal statute. Will the judge/DA know about my dui in Dekalb county?

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If they don't know now, you can almost guaranty they will know by the time of your next court appearance. You should hire a criminal defense lawyer a.s.a.p.

Good Luck.

Jeffrey Whitcomb
Whitcomb Law Firm, Ltd.


On your return date for supervision, it is not uncommon for the judge to swear you in and ask you whether you have been arrested for any new offenses. If you lie, you open yourself up to more criminal liability. In addition, the DuPage prosecutors are usually have updated criminal histories.


It is very likely that they will know about this when you appear for your next date. I highly recommend that you hire qualified counsel immediately.


The court will know about your violation one way (they'll check in advance) or the other (the judge wil swear you in and ask you) so get a criminal defense attorney on your side as soon as possible.