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If I was given a ticket for retail theft without being arrested, will it stay on my record if I pay the fine?

Madison, WI |
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It is technically a civil regulatory offense not a criminal conviction. But it will stay on your record. Your attorney may be able to get it expunged or a deferred prosecution that can be dismissed under a first offender program.

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If you pay the fine, you will be convicted by default, and the conviction will be entered into the court records. the impact of such a record can largely depend upon the court in which you are being prosecuted. For example, if you are being prosecuted in a circuit court, those records are readily available to anyone through the internet. However, if you are being prosecuted in a municipal court, many municipal court's do not have court records available to the public on line. If you are convicted in Circuit Court, there may be a way to have the conviction expunged, but for an ordinance violation, there is a split of opinion as to whether there is legal authority allowing judges to expunge those types of cases. To avoid a conviction, you may be able to enter into a resolution that will ultimately result in dismissal of the charge after a period of law abiding conduct and some community service, a kind of informal probation, the successful completion of which will result in dismissal.