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If i was acquitted of a criminal case in which i was falsely imprisoned would a civil rights cause of action be easier to prove?

Randallstown, MD |

i was captured by cops under prize law and they tried to substantiate a commercial claim against me. i had to go to court because i was charged with my personal effects being a supposed violation of law. i went to criminal court and was acquitted using private international law

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A definite answer is impossible without knowing much, much more about the facts. Just because you were acquitted of a charge doesn't give you a basis to sue the police or anyone else. However, if you were arrested without probable cause, you possible could sue for that. If the police initiated a criminal prosecution against you without probable cause and also with "malice" (which has a technical meaning here), you possibly could sue them for malicious prosecution under state law and (just conceivably) under federal law. Cases like this are difficult to bring to trial and difficult to win. I suggest consulting with a civil rights attorney.