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If I want to file a compliant against a lawyer on the disciplinary review board. What steps do I take to make sure that he does

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Not hear or review my case. Do I fill out papers or make a special request

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Go to and file the complaint online. The board member will be removed from the proceeding. In fact, it is unethical for a lawyer to utilize a position of power to mask disciplinary action. If I remember correctly, this question was asked before. Are you a separate person complaining about a board member or are you the same person?


The board member you are complaining about will necessarily have to recuse him or herself. The other board members will see to it that this happens. However, you may be better off making the complaint in another district/department.i am not familiar with Nevada rules of procedure, but I am fairly certain a google search of the rules of the disciplinary committee will yield a procedure for changing the venue.

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I agree with the prior responses. The individual who is the subject of your complaint will be unable to hear the matter as that would represent a conflict of interest in the purist sense of the term.