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If I want to file a complaint based on Title VII violations against my former employer, who is my actual adversary?

Nashville, TN |

I have been discriminated against and forced to quit for Speaking Spanish at work. My former employer was a national hotel chain. The manager had informally asked a co-worker and me to stop using Spanish at all times at work and has also made comments about how because this is America, we should only speak English. I will probably end up hiring an attorney, but for now I want to clear up some confusions. When I file a complaint against a hotel, who am I actually going against? Is it the owner of the franchise, the corporation at the national level, or the manager? Who should be named as my defendant? Thank you for your help.

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These are difficult cases to litigate, you should start with an attorney competent in this area of law. If you are having difficulty even identifying the parties, you may have trouble throughout the case.


I assume you are starting at the EEOC. They can help identify the proper parties but the safest route is to name all involved.


I would sue the manager, the general manager, the owner and the chain/franchise.

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