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If I tell social security administration they can't see my bank accounts, can they make me give them my bank information?

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I received a letter of redetermination for SSI stating that if I disagree with any of my statements, I should contact then within 10 days after receiving the letter. I disagree with SSI having permission to contact any financial institution and obtain any financial record about me held by the institution. Can they force me to give it to them?

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No, they can't force you to divulge bank records, but they can deny benefits on that grounds. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a means-tested welfare program. There are strict limits in the income and assets a person may have in order to be eligible for SSI benefits. Eligibility is determined upon review of assets, including bank accounts.

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I agree with Ms. Sinclair. You need todecide if you want to lose the benefits or give out a little bank information.

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Because SSI is a nees based program they have a right to determine whether or not you have any assets that would disqualify you from benefits. The disqualification amount is very low. Best of luck to you.

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