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If I surrender my vehicle, what will happen if I am active duty military servicemember?

Sherburne, NY |

I bought a car July 2012 and became active October 2012 - I can no longer afford the payments - is there anything the SCRA can do to help me with the deficiency (which will be around 14000.00???

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Before you do this, go to the Legal Assistance office on base. They are the gurus when it comes to the SSCRA. But i believe the short answer is no, as it only protects you when your military service (i.e. a deployment) prohibits you from defending yourself in court, and can lower the interest rate on certain loans when deployed. But I am no expert. The folks at your base legal office are.

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There are safeguards in place pursuant to SCRA specific to auto loans. This is a practice area for our law firm. If you would like a free consult please read my Avvo profile, and call when ready. You will also find SCRA information on our website, I also agree with Mr. Cassara that your legal assistance office should have some information for you.



We live in NY- does that make a difference since I see you practice out of SC?


I agree with the advice of my colleagues. The SCRA protects servicemembers in your position. If you need assistance finding the provision that covers automobile leases, feel free to give me a call. I handle SCRA matters on a regular basis. The initial consultation is confidential and free. Best of luck.


I will add that you need to resolve appropriately, other wise you may have a hard time with your security clearance if you ave one...

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