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If I signed settlement via EEOC mediation process can employer still terminate my employment? If so, can I sue for retaliation?

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I'm still employed by wanted to know if I reach settlement with employer via EEOC mediation process can employer terminate my employment after settlement is signed ? If so, can I sue for retaliation?

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It would depend on the employer's reason for terminating you. Even after you settle an EEOC charge, your employer could lawfully terminate you for a variety of reasons, e.g., poor performance, poor attendance, lack you work. However, terminating an employee shortly after that employee has engaged in the EEOC process does create a risk for the employer, precisely because of the possibility that the termination is retaliatory.

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You may have a claim. Consult your specific facts with an attorney.

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It depends on the circumstances. The fact that you filed (and are about to settle) a claim through the EEOC does mean your employer cannot fire you no matter what you do. For example, the weaker the company's justification for firing you and the closer in time between the settlement and the decision to fire you, the more it would seem like retaliation. It sounds like you should meet with an employment lawyer to discuss the facts in more detail.

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