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If i sign a agreed final decree of divorce, do i need to go to court

Houston, TX |

my husband wants a divorce, he presented to me an "agreed final decree of divorce" if i sign it do I have to go to court? I don't want to have to get a lawyer. ALSO IF I end up having to get a lawyer, does he have to pay for her?

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In Texas, one party can present the court with an Agreed Final Decree of Divorce that the other party has signed and prove-up the divorce without the presence of the other party. You may want to call around Houston lawyers to see whether you can find someone to review the Decree your husband proposed for a reasonable rate, just to make sure there is not anything sneaky or surprising in there. If you have not been represented so far, you want to be comfortable with what you're signing. This is the sort of thing a lot of lawyers will do for a few hundred dollars, like an hour of their time or less.