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If I sell my property as a short sale in Washington what is the tax on the loss? Let's use $30,000 loss as an example.

Spokane, WA |

Just want to know if I sell my property for a loss what am I taxed on Federally? If I short sale for $30,000 less than I owe will I pay taxes? How much?

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If you sale for a loss you will have no capital gains tax. If you pay the lender back less than you owe you will have income from debt relief on the amount that you did not pay back for federal tax purposes. However, if this is your personal residence and you relieved of less than $2,000,000 in debt there is an exclusion and you will not be taxed on the debt relief. There is also an exception if you are insolvent or bankrupt. You should seek the counsel of a local tax professional to review your particular situation.

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