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If I runaway from home, if it could be called that, under the following circumstances, how likely am I to be returned home?

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This summer, I am going to New York, from North Carolina, to stay with a friend for awhile. If, towards the end of my trip, I tell my parents I am not returning. What will follow? My friend's parents would let me stay with them, but have no idea of my intentions. I am sixteen, as of this past January, intelligent and not involved in anything criminal. The environment would be safe. And, I would be working to further my education. The reason for my not wishing to return is for concerns regarding my education and health. My parents are not physically or mentally harming me. But, my home and social environments are unfit for my well-being, as they constantly depress me, and my progression as an intellectual individual. Thank you in advance.

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You cannot make that decision at this time. You may be a mature 16 yo, but under the law, you are a minor. If you want to make legal decisions for yourself, you must petition the court for empancipation. Otherwise, you are not in a position to simply decide not to come home, and you place your friend and her parents in an incredibly difficult position. If you truly intend to make progress as regarding your education, health, home and social environments, then you have to be able to show to the legal system that you are prepared to take care of yourself. Otherwise you will potentially subject your friend's parents to kidnapping charges, and your parents can physically force you home through law enforcement.



So, I imagine most of these difficulties cease to exist after I am 17 years old?



Actually, how would I go about petitioning the court for emancipation?

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