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If I report a probation violation to someone's Probation Officer - will they even do anything about it?

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A friend of a friend received a DUI and plead down to Reckless driving to avoid DUI sentence. She was placed on Probation with one of the terms being not to consume alcohol for 24 months. She is constantly violating parole. There are pics of her drinking, she has been seen in stores buying alcohol, and my concern is that her children are around because they tell people about how their "mommy drinks wine" all the time. If I reported these concerns to the probation officer, would if be enough to get him interested enough to investigate and possibly alcohol test her? Or is there some other way I can report the violation so that someone looks into it? She has kids, and should not be drinking around them, or illegally drinking and violating probation.

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I don't agree with the other attorney that answered your question. People need to be held accountable for their actions and if there is a court order to stay away from alcohol then it is too important to just let it go. Additionally, this person sounds like she needs some help in her life so I would contact the probation officer immediately and let him/her know of what you know and how you know it. If you have proof hand it over. I would be surprised if the PO doesn't already know there is a problem because of possible positive UA testing.


If there are parenting plans for the children, the other parent(s) of the children may want to know that the mother is drinking and likely driving the children around.

The other parents may want to ask the court to restrict the mother's time with the children.

If it is proven that the mother is driving the children around after drinking, the court almost certainly will restrict her time with the children.


If she is drinking enough around her children to endanger them, you could report it to Child Protective Services, part of the State Department of Social and Health Services. Although "mommy drinks wine" all the time is somewhat vague, they may at least contact her and offer to link her up with treatment, even if there is not enough evidence of neglect to take action.

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