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If i remarry, will my new spouse be held responsible for the child support i owe?

Phoenix, AZ |

i owe my ex and dont want to remarry if my new husband will have to pay my child support what do i do?

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no child support is a responsibility of the parent associated with the child not the new spouse. If there is a judgment for past child support, they can garnish bank accounts though.


Your new spouse is not responsible in any way for the past child support obligation that you owe. I agree with the above attorney that a joint bank account could be garnished if a judgment is entered against you, so that may be something you should look out for in the future.

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No, child support for your minor children is your responsibility, not your new wife's. The children are not hers, or her responsibility. In fact, should you and your new wife start a family that would be a basis for your support actually being reduced, since you would be legally responsibile for more children at that point.