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If i plead guilty by mail for a public urination charge will this go on a criminal record.

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I cannot attend the summons date as I am out of the country. I went to the court to tell them this and they gave me a Guilty Plea by Mail form.
I can plead guilty and pay a $50 fine but I do not want a criminal record.
I am from outside the US on an L1 visa and may want to apply for a green card in the future.
Do not want this to affect that process.

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You should google the statute or code number listed on the violation. The statute should state if the activity is considered a violation or a misdemeanor. If it is a misdemeanor you might want to hire counsel to work towards a non-criminal disposition. Good luck

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If you are charged under health code section 153.09 it is an unclassified misdemeanor crime and pleading guilty would give you a permanent criminal record. Best to consult with an attorney since you have a lot at stake.

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Since you have been charged under the New York City Administrative Code, the offense is considered a violation and not a crime. That means you will not have a criminal record if you plead guilty.

As far as immigration is concerned, ICE can be very particular when granting visas, etc. You probably will have to advise ICE that you were given a summons for public urination and pled guilty to the charge. Whether that prevents you from getting a visa is really up to ICE.

One option that no one else addressed is hiring an attorney to appear in court for you. The attorney will prepare an affidavit stating that you live in another country and are not able to appear in court to answer the summons. You sign the affidavit and get it notarized and the attorney can ask the judge to grant either a straight dismissal or an "adjournment in contemplation of dismissal," also called an "ACD," which means that the charge will be dismissed after six months.

I have successfully handled summonses many times for people who live out of state or out of the country. It will be more expensive that pleading guilty, but there's a very strong chance of getting a dismissal.

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C. C. Abbott

C. C. Abbott


I agree with Attorney Berliner. Immigration law treats criminal adjudications differently than criminal law. Thus, it is advisable that you be weary of any criminal case plea - no matter the criminal sentencing provisions - as it can have greater and very serious immigration consequences. Good luck.


This should not affect your immigration although you should consult with an immigration attorney.


Despite what a clerk told you, Judges don't usually accept pleas my mail on these type of cases. I have handled these cases for many Avvo users and have been able to resolve the cases without the clients getting criminal records and without the clients having to appear in court.

I am a former federal and State prosecutor and have been doing criminal defense work for over 15 years.

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Thanks Eric. I think i have my answer on the plea by mail element. Page 36.


In my experience, the Criminal Court at 346 Broadway will not accept a plea by mail but will allow an attorney to appear on your behalf and dispose of the matter for you. I have done this for many clients who cannot appear personally.


Tom Kenniff