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If I plea guilty to a 1st offense misdemenor dui

Lawrenceville, GA |

Is it possible for a lawyer to fight for me to not have sr-22 insurance required? Or is there nothing I can do about that?

Also once I complete everything, such as DUI classes, if I have to have sr-22 insurance and I do get it, when its time to reinstate my GA license after 120 days, what happens if I move out of state? Can I still switch my license? Do I still have to maintain the sr-22?

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Unfortunately, there probably won't be any way around the insurance requirement if you plead to a DUI.


Your question and your title are different. Attorneys can help on the criminal charges but not the insurance issues. Sorry!

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The requirement of the SR-22 insurance is a different segment of laws than DUI. Even if the judge doesn't mention the insurance requirement, in order to reinstate a Georgia driver's license after a DUI conviction, DDS requires this. After 120 days, if you're planning to move out of state, you should first fully reinstate your GA license, and then surrender that in your new "home" state to obtain a license there. Every state has different requirements, and may not issue a full license, or may require SR-22 insurance for a longer period of time.

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