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If I owe my boss money, can he just take it out of my paycheck with no warning?

Georgia |

I sold him some jewelry and I thought it was real, it wasn't. I told him to have it appraised and if it wasn't real that I would give him his money back. He waited a while before having the appraisal and then came back wanting his money. I told him I would pay him back but that I would have to make a payment arrangement. I had already spent the money on Christmas. He was supposed to get back with me and this week when I got my paycheck, he had deducted 300.00. I only brought home 230.00 after that deduction. What can I do?

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I assume the jewelry sale had nothing to do with your job. As a result, although you owed him the money, he could not deduct your wages without your permission. Just one option you have is to report him to the Department of Labor. That agency will do an investigation of the matter to determine if he violated labor laws. If so, they will impose the appropriate sanctions against the person.

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