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If I owe $3500 in back child support from being unemployed, how much money should I try to take with me to court to avoid jail?

Lincolnton, NC |

I was out of work for over 6 months and am now working. My court date is in a few days. Support payments will come right out of my paycheck going forward but how much do I need to take with me to court so I won't have to go to jail?

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Note that you could avoided the problem altogether if you had filed a motion with the court after you lost your job asking for a reduction until you became re-employed. It is a simple form you can get at the courthouse. Too late now to avoid the arrearage built up. To answer your question, bring as much as you can. Tell the judge you were unemployed. You will have to pay the arrearage but maybe the judge will allow you time to pay it.