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If I organized an LLC while under a non-compete that prohibits it, but do not do any business, are I liable for damages?

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I entered into a non-compete in Florida that prohibits forming a business entity without my employers permission - I was put on probation and was on the verge of being fired. I registered an LLC in case I was terminated - Filed 5-14-12 to begin business on 6-1-12 - I was terminated 7-5-12 and my employer found my LLC registration - i was honest with them and have done no business - Do not have a phone number or bank accountant - I believe they plan on suing me... Since I have not done any business during my time with them how liable am I?

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If they sue you, what are they planning to recover? Since you have done no business, they have not been damaged. Although damages are not an element in a lawsuit on a contract, it seems kind of silly on their part. They might be awarded $1 as a token. I suspect they are jerking you around and have no intention of paying a lawyer to go to court on it. But in the words of Dennis Miller, “I could be wrong.” Don't worry about it until you see the summons.

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This is all going to depend on the specific language of your non-compete. You will need to have legal counsel review it's exact terms.

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