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If I open a business will it affect my pending child support case in Yonkers NY I understand Yonkers has different requirments.

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I divorced 3 years ago and remarried last year. my ex husband whom i have 4 kids with hasn't paid child support n we have a court case in 30 days. if I open a business will it affect my case. I have been divorced from him for 3 years. I am not really expecting him to pay up his cchildsupport but I am hoping to use this to keep him from having visitation with the kids which he hasn't done for a while. I have an opportunity to open a business (n take over someone's existing clients) but I dont want to do anything that can hinder my court case. I live in yonkers and I understand Yonkers law may have more requirments. Can someone please advise me. I would like to take advantage of this opportunity only if it is not going to hinder my kids. Please advise. thak you.

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From the fact pattern that you have presented, it apears that your financial status will not have a material impact on the courts determination of how much basic child support he must pay. Your increased income may affect the ratio in which you and your ex must pay for child support add-ons, such as child care or unreimbursed health care, but will generally not affect the basic child support requirement.
On another note, family court generally does not mix issues of child support with issues of custody and visitation. Even deadbeat parents have a right to visit with their children. Courts are loath to punish children from having a relationship with their parent - even if that parent is a financial deadbeat.

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