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If i only have 8 days left on probation and i fail a drug screen will the judge give me the 8 days in jail

Newnan, GA |

i called and asked if i could get a publix defender and they said i could go early on the court date and get somekind of application. i do not want any jail time

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Attorney answers 1


It is impossible to give you an accurate answer without knowing a great deal more information. I can say, however, that if you violate probation, you are subject to imposition of the jail sentence that may have been available at the time of the original sentence, or possibly an enhanced sentence if you are dealing with sentencing guidelines.
You should seek the advise of an attorney in your area - it is always advisable to speak to an attorney BEFORE you must go to court so you may be private attorneys familiar with your judge and see if someone will meet with you to discuss your situation for a nominal fee.
Good luck!