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If I missed my court date, and paid to have the ticket brought back to court can the conviction be changed?

Lake Villa, IL |

I have 2 convictions on my record, this is my 3rd, so my license is in jeopardy. I paid the fines but did not complete the driving school as when I tried to register they told me since it was less than 30 days before court it wouldnt be accepted. The lady told me to go back to court to ask for an extension. I missed the court time by 30 minutes so I paid the $40 to bring the ticket back to court.

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The best you can do now is appear at court when you arrange a new date. The hole you've dug yourself is pretty deep. Missing a court date on top of your record AND not doing the driving school is a lot to try and explain away.

Good luck.


Depends on the judge. it is certainly worth a try. The worse he can do is say no. Good luck



the judge vacated my conviction!!!!


It is possible to vacate the conviction and you would have a much better chance if you bring an experienced criminal defense attorney with you. Your attorney will utilize his/her experience and familiarity with the prosecutor to negotiate a favorable outcome for you.

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