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If i missed community service for a dui but i completed dui classes, how can i avoid jail? my dui is from over a year ago.

Yuba City, CA |

i have court tomorrow - what should i do? is there anything that will help persuade the judge to give me another chance w community? i have a warrant for failure to pay, also still on probation for dui. what can i expect in court tomorrow?

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Your question was unclear but it seems like you haven't been paying the
fine and you didn't do community service if that's the case expect that the
judge may increase your community service time and get you back on find
payments jail is probably unlikely the worst thing you can do is not appear
though I would seek the advice of an attorney in Yuba City


I agree with my colleague Michael Fremont. You need to appear in court and ask to get re-enrolled in community service and get back on track with your fine. Although jail is always a possibility it is unlikely if this is your first request. Contact a local experienced attorney


Your case will depend on the exact facts. Did you start the community service but just miss one session? Or never enrolled at all despite having one year to do so? I would consult with an attorney in your area or try to speak to your public defender tomorrow - think about what the compelling reason you missed community service was. Good luck.


You should expect the judge to ask you why you have not completed the terms of your probation. If financial or personal problems were a factor, let the judge know. It will depend on the judge, and facts of your case, as to whether or not you will get another chance at community service. As for the fine, have you made any payments? It may help if you are prepared to make one tomorrow. If you had an attorney handle this matter, I would call them for a consult.