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If I make out a will and leave my assets to the woman who is taking care of me. Will my wishes be granted.

Laurel, MS |

I have two children and me and my friend have lived together for 8 years. I want her to be ok after I'm gone and she will give to the kids when she passes, and also her child.

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By far the one strategy that is most likely to result in your wishes being carried out is this: work with an experienced estate planning or elder law attorney. That attorney can advise how to provide for your friend and "the kids," prepare the documents that will best meet your needs, and preside over a properly witnessed signing ceremony.

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Under Mississippi law, if you have a will properly executed (put into effect) you can do just what you describe. There are technicalities that need to be in your will to make sure your wishes are carried out just as you specify. Consult with an attorney of your choosing to make sure it is worded well and executed properly. That is the only way to know your assets will pass to who you choose.

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If you have a properly executed will you can leave your assets to any one you wish (with certain exceptions in LA. Unless other persons can show you are not mentally capable of executing a will or someone exercised undue influence over you in writing the will, you can leave your assets to anyone you choose. The exception to this is if you have a spouse, in which case that spouse has certain rights automatically in your assets by state law.