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If I make 100,000 a year while my spouse makes 30,000 a year will I have to pay him alimony?

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y? I am willing to give him one of the cars(now worth 10,000) in good working order, the house (we still owe 99,000 on it. Payments are around 1,000/mo) and pay for our daughter's student loan entirely (650/month)?? Also, he does have 24,000 from his mother's estate still in his bank account.

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Alimony, called spousal support, can only be granted by Court Order. Such a Court Order is a result of either the Judge deciding to award it based on the evidence produced at trial or the parties agreement.

Courts look toward the factors mentioned in RSMo 452.335 to determine whether and how much support should be awarded. Here is a link to that statute: (

I would talk to your attorney, they will be able to discuss how your particular situation would likely play out and help you put together a settlement offer with terms that you find acceptable. If you do not have an attorney, I strongly suggest you find an attorney with family law experience to guide you through your divorce.

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