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If I'm drafting my own divorce decree but I already have a child support order, Do I have to put those details in the decree?

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I'm doing my own divorce because I don't have the extra money to afford an attorney or pay just to have a divorce decree drafted. I've already seen a judge in the 247th district court in Harris county and the only issue she had was the decree I was using, She is giving me until the 28th of this month to obtain a acceptable decree. She suggest I get a copy from the Texas Divorce Manual and I have but filling it out is a little confusing. I would appreciate any help that anyone can give me.

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You should reference the Style of the Child Support Case (name of the child located at the top right of the order) and the Cause number. If you filed the divorce in the same cause number then you can easily point it out during the divorce hearing.

For help I would suggest using the Texas Bar Prose Divorce Book. You can get it at:

You will find a final decree of divorce and instructions on how to best fill in the blanks. I hope you find this answer helpful.

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I know that you called Patricia Bushman's office already regarding this matter.

This is a complex family law matter & you need an attorney to assist you.

Judge Hellum's court is not going to sign a piece of junk on January 28th and your case is going to be dismissed. So you have a choice - do it right or stay married.

I think I've already recommended Patricia Bushman - why? Because I respect her.

Here are some other ideas:

Where would I look to find an experienced family law attorney?
I would look on,,
and the State Bar of Texas website. There are many attorneys sites so you can “google” family law or divorce attorney & your county.

Many attorneys offer a free consultation either over the phone or in person. Many offer payment plans. Most accept credit cards.

How much should I pay for my family law attorney? An attorney charges based on many factors including their location, their current work load, their overhead (such as rent and staff), their years of practice and if they are board certified. Board certified attorneys usually have a higher hourly rate. If you are on a limited budget, then you need to look for a newly licensed attorney that is not board certified.