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If I'm divorced before our baby is born.and I have permanent restraining order on me.can i come when she gets ready to give

Colorado |

birth.and she wants me their.or what if the babys not mine.does she get in trouble with the military if it's adultery.but where divorce before the baby been born.

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No you may not violate a permanent restraining order. She would need to file a motion to dismiss the Order or you would need to do so. Failure to comply with the terms of a restraining order could lead to your arrest and criminal charges against you. I am not an expert on issues with the military and adultery. You would need to seek advice from an expert in that field.


You should not violate the restraining order under any circumstances (even if she asks you to). I agree with Suzanne that the only way to deal with this situation is to have the Restraining order modified before the birth. Military related divorce issues are complicated and there are only a couple of attorneys in town who deal with them.

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