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If I'm approved for disability will I still have to pay child support ?

Hamilton, OH |
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You may still have to pay it. It will depend on the child support guidelines in your jurisdiction and what kind of disability you are receiving (SSI or SSDI or both). Some jurisdictions do not enter a child support order against someone whose only income is SSI, but that is a jurisdiction specific question that can only be determined by a family law attorney in your area.

It should be noted that simply receiving social security does not relieve you of the financial obligations that you have.


A person may be able to get a modification of the child support order based on changed circumstances. But if a support order issued by a court is in effect, the person to whom that order applies will normally be bound by its terms unless and until the court changes those terms.


My esteemed colleagues have given you excellent answers to your posted query, I hope you will heed their wise words.

Essentially, as they said, Social security benefits are considered when child support is figured, but there is no exact formula. Often, the parties agree. If not, the Judge will decide. There may not be any additional child support ordered from the parent who gets Social Security -- but this is not always the case.

Because there are so many variables, you need to consult a local family law attorney -- preferably before signing any documents on this matter.

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