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If I'm 18 on juvenile probation, and violate for petit retail theft .....?

Vero Beach, FL |

I'm on juvenile probation, and was caught shoplifting at Walmart, and I'm 18, say my juvenile probation officer decides to violate me, and I'm 18, would my violation of juvenile probation punishment be handled in juvenile court, and my petit theft charge be handled in adult? Or would I face both as adult?

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Your probation will be handled in the juvenile court. The new charge will be as an adult in the adult court.


I agree with Mr. Dorsten, you committed the 1st crime while you were a juvenile so you would go back there for a probation violation. You allegedly committed the other crime as an adult so it will go to adult court. Good luck and think about hiring an attorney.

B. Elaine Jones, Esq.


If your Juvenile Probation Officer decides to violate you, the VOP will be handled in juvenile court. If you were an adult at the time of the new arrest/law violation, the new law violation will be handled in adult court.

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