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If I'm 15 , & need to runaway can I get in trouble or even when in 18?

Antioch, IL |

I'm 15 years old. I live in illinois & my mother can't take care of my brother & I, she is currently not making any money & doing drugs. we have court soon for her divorce & she can possibly be put in jail, would we be put in a group home or handed to family? & If i wanted to "runaway" back to ohio, where I lived previously with family, how much trouble would I get in or is it legal in these states?

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Where is your father? He is in the best position to help you and your brother.He can petition the Court for an Order of Protection and for Temporary Custody of the two of you. While your mother is your custodial parent she can have you picked up as a runaway from anywhere in the USA. Call your father and have him call my assistant Dan London at 312-807-3990 to set up a private telephone consultation. At the consultation we can discuss the confidential details we need to craft a strategic plan. These details should not be broadcast over the Internet.

This is a general answer and does not address the specifics of your individual case. To give the specific answer you need our firm needs you to come in for a consultation.



My father is deceased & its my stepdad, I would however like to live with my cousin, she lives in ohio & she's very independent. & she had a child we well. If I had her contact a lawyer, would I be possible I could live with her?

Joseph Henry Sparacino

Joseph Henry Sparacino


I hope I didn't open any old wounds by reminding you your father is gone, my condolences. She would be facing the superior rights doctrine of a parent being the first choice over third persons. If you tell a school counselor about the actions making the residence dangerous for you, they are mandated reporters. Once, the case is begun your cousin can file a petition to intervene and have the two of you placed with her..


As you are a minor, I do not think you are likely to receive much advice from this board. I would suggest you reach out to your family, either in Ohio or local if possible and have them seek out an attorney who can be authorized to offer advice. If the pending divorce involves your father, perhaps you might speak to him about your concerns.

Completely aside from any legal implications, I would not endorse you taking off for Ohio or otherwise without support of an adult and a plan of action. Please be safe and use sound judgement.

Good luck.

This answer is marginal legal advice and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Every client and case is unique. The best advice is to always consult with an attorney. Free legal resources at


Speak to family members. See if someone would be wiling to take you in if they are appointed your guardian. BUT - You mentioned that your mother is in court soon for divorce. Is your father seeking custody? You need to speak to an adult who can secure some legal advice for you. This is just not something that can be answered in an online Q&A forum. and as a minor, you cannot enter into a relationship with a lawyer on your own.

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