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If i live in florida and have a child that is 18 years old and is father is in new york.Can i still have a D.N.A done on him?

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I have been fighting this every since i been in florida,and we made contact with the father,but the dauther of the father did not want to help their father get this D.N.A done with my son.I really need to find out how do i go about getting this done while iam still in florida and he in new york,Never appiled for child support for my son while i was living there,I need some anwers on how this can be resovled.please help me

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What is the purpose of getting DNA? Florida emancipates children at 18, so unless you are using New York law, child support cannot be ordered now.

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I agree with my colleague that you cannot obtain child support in Florida if the child is now 18. There is a possibility that you could obtain it for the two years prior to the time he reached the age of majority; however, if the Father was never here in Florida and you did not conceive in Florida, and, instead, conceived in NY, then you should ask a NY attorney if you would have a different result in NY. I would encourage you to repost your question in the NY area of Avvo. Best of luck.

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Repost in NY section of Avvo.

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