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If I hyphenate my name (when i get married) can i keep my driverse license and passport in my maiden name?

Providence, RI |

I am soon getting married and have some questions about hyphenating my last name. I would do so with my maiden name - husbands last name. Will i have to change my drivers license and passport which are currently in my maiden name or can i continue to use them. Do they automatically send me a new SS card with the name as listed on the marriage certificate? and if so, is that cause to have to change the DL and passport?

I guess my thinking is that as long as the maiden name is on everything (hyphenated or not), it doesn't matter. Really, no one would know my name changed if I don't change my DL or my passport unless I have to show them my SSN card too and that has the hyphenated name on it.

I would still sign legal docs with my hyphenated name, will this cause issues?

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You get to change your name when you marry, but when you do, you should notify all producers of identifying documents of your new name. You should only have one legal name at a time.

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