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If i have withholding of deportation what would my resident alien number be and where can i find it?

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i'm applying to colleges and they are asking me about my alien residency number. I have a withholding so do i have an resident alien number and if so where can i find it.

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You don't have a 'resident' number.

Your 'alien' number is on the paper signed by the Immigration Judge.

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It will start with an A and then be a sting of numbers like 089881821

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On all your court paperwork

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Do you have an Order of Deportation (more formally known as an Order of Removal) or did you obtain the benefit of a grant of Withholding of Removal by an Immigration Judge? These are two very different outcomes, so it is important to know which one applies to you. One gives you protection from being physically removed from the country, and the other does not. You don't have an alien residency number in either scenario, but you were assigned an alien identification number, which as my colleagues have correctly stated, would be listed on your court paperwork. If you no longer have your court paperwork, you can do a Freedom of Information Act request with the court to obtain these documents.

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