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If I have no money, I am completely broke, due to my divorce, but the case continues what can I do?

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Unfortunately, no one works for free so in order to keep myself out of jail from my ex and her attorneys continued lies I have to go to court. Problem is I have NO MONEY, CANNOT BORROW MONEY, so I cannot afford an attorney. My case has become a showpiece for the corruption that exists in family court and I just want it ended, but apparently I can't even though my wife has gotten everything, the money, the business, the cars, the house, everything! Now they are threatening to sue my grown kids.... Please someone without saying "you need a laywer" like a lot of you are prone to say, I need honest advice or are there court appointed attorneys I can get (seriously my situation couldnt get any worse)....

And my attorney withdrew, so I have no attorney...

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If you cannot afford an attorney to defend against a motion for enforcement seeking to hold you in contempt of court, then you may obtain a court-appointed counsel. Otherwise, contact fathers for equal rights 214-953-2233

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I agree with the previous answer, that if your wife is trying to hold you in contempt of court and seeking jail time, you can get a court appointed attorney for the enforcement issue. If you are truly indigent and are in Dallas County, I would check out the Dallas Volunteer Attorney Program (DVAP) You would need to meet DVAP's financial guidelines to qualify for free legal services, but they are a great resource for pro bono work. Also, depending on what your marital estate is made up of, if there are any assets left that you can dip in to or take out a loan against, you could ask the court permission for you to do so in order to afford an attorney. Expending funds for attorney's fees is an allowed expenditure during a divorce case, and there is law out there that states that attorney's fees are "necessaries" for each spouse during a divorce.



unfortunately the court awarded here control of all assets and she refusing to pay my court ordered support and so I literally have nothing

Christopher Alan Meuse

Christopher Alan Meuse


If she is ordered to pay you support, you can enforce that order by requesting that the court find her in contempt and enter a judgment for the outstanding amount she owes you. Without knowing more about your situation, if there are assets in the estate that could fund your attorney's fees (i.e. liquid assets or assets you could loan against), even if she has control of them, you may be able to ask the court to award you fees from those assets. I know you said you don't want to hear it, but I would suggest you contact an attorney to explore some options in getting your fees paid, as, from your comments, it seems there could be some means for you to do so.


In addition to the good answers by the other two attorneys that have answered before me, you can also try Legal Aid of Northwest Texas for free legal assistance. You are entitled to a court appointed attorney if they are threatening jail for a contempt action. Call the court coordinator and the coordinator will likely direct you to how you get the court appointed attorney - although that does depend on what court you're in.

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