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If i have muscle spasms due to car wreck and need physical therapy do i have case in court

Johnson City, TN |

i was in car accident where i was hit in the rear of my vehicle while sitting stiil waiting for vehicle to turn in front of me went to see dr due to back pain who sttd i have muscle spasm in my back advised me to take 2 physical therapy sessions

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Yes--if your doctors relate your back pain/spasm to the car accident and the accident was not your fault. It would be advisable for you to speak with a personal injury attorney immediately so that a claim can be properly set up with the at fault party's insurance company.

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Nima Taradji

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After a car accident, the extent of harm may not be fully apparent. "Muscle spasm" is a sign that soft tissues have been inflamed, but the pain may mask other conditions. Insurance companies know that offering quick settlements can save them money because injured people sometimes don't discover how seriously they have been hurt until after the claim is settled for a small amount. Most personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation. It's a good idea after any motor vehicle collision with injury. An accident lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction can determine whether there is a case and likely increase the amount of compensation recovered.

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Yes, assuming the doctor causally relates your injuries to the car accident, as described above. There may be forthcoming orders from doctors to factor as well.


It sounds like you might. Tennessee has a one (1) year Statute of Limitations for negligence. You should immediately contact a lawyer that is licensed in Tennessee.

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