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If I have lost all my company LLC documents, how can I find out who else are my partners/members of my LLC?

New York, NY |

I have already ordered and received a copy of the NYS Department of State's Articles of Organization which does not list any members. I've called also and they said they do not require the list of members so they do not have that info. I have no documents at all listing the members. What can I do to find the member's/partners? I do not want to have legal obligations to anyone that is not listed as a member/partner.

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Ask the person who organized the entity. If the organizer is an attorney, he/she may know. An attorney who organized the entity may have drafted your Operating Agreement, as well. If it was one of the members and that member is nowhere to be found, then there is not much you can do. Contact the IRS as they may have information regarding your LLC tax filings that may lead you to a better answer or enlighten the situation.


This begs the question of how you are a member of an LLC without knowing anyone else involved, any of whom might have copies of the documents. Whoever filed the Articles is your first and best bet, as that person (likely an attorney) might/should have the operating agreement. What does the LLC do? Does it have a place of business you can go to?

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If you had several members, your accountant or tax professional should have issued K-1s to each of them at some point.

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