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If I have LL email that says we don't have to professionally clean blinds as per our addendum will it hold up in small claims?

Elk Grove, CA |

I emailed LL and asked if we could clean blinds ourselves (as they were already perfect) and in her email she says "I know you keep everything spotless so you can clean the blinds but have the carpets professionally cleaned" which we did. However when we moved, she charged us for blind cleaning saying our lease addendum states professional cleaning, etc. Will my copy of her email hold up in small claims court? (I also have picture proof they were perfect)

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Yes, I think if the email directly concerns the blind cleaning issue, and you relied on the email (AND you did clean the blinds yourself albeit not by a professional cleaner), you should prevail at the small claims court trial.

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Her email waives the requirement that you professionally clean the blinds. Once you have acted on it to your detriment, she can't take it back.


You can also counterclaim for any damages you have incurred as a result of this action, if the time limit hasn't expired.