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If i have an eviction will filing for bankruptcy remove this?

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I was previously on a lease with my younger sister who allowed dangerous people in my house who were threatening me. I had no choice but to leave for a week and see if they would leave but they didnt. At this time i called the cops and they advised me that them being there with my sisters permission there was nothing they could do. I then spoke with the apartment manager who stated the same thing and also that it would be a waste of time trying to evict her because we both signed the lease. Because of havic they caused and her refusing to pay her part of rent, eviction is on BOTH of our records. PLEASE HELP!

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Bankruptcy would erase any money that is still owing because you broke the lease. But frankly, BK over what is likely a pretty small amount isn't a great idea, and many creditors are accepting south of 20% in full and final settlement of outstanding debts.

BK also will not erase the eviction public record from your credit report (however, it would allow you to vacate the judgment, which would then appear "vacated" on your credit report). Your real problems are Saferent, Choicepoint and the Unlawful detainer registry.

It means you will be stuck renting at individual landlords unless and until you can get out of those systems.


The information on your credit report will stay there for 7 years, but if you file bankruptcy it will show that the debt was discharged.


If you have the financial ability to do so I would recommend that you contact the creditor and try to resolve this with them. As stated previously, many creditors are now accepting quite a bit less than 100% to settle. Unless you have other outstanding debts, it would make more sense to resolve this than to file bankruptcy.

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