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If I have already paid my lawyer to do a job and it has not been done can I get my money back? and what do I do?

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I want my husband to adopted my 2 kids from a previous marriage bc the father hasn't had anything to do with them in close to a year. I paid my lawyer for a abandonment case and nothing has really been done, I have tried calling and have been told he will call back but never does. I want my money back if he isn't going to get it done but dont know how and would like to turn him in.....its been over a year since i paided him up front and told him what i wanted. What can I do?

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You certainly have a right to fire your lawyer if you are unhappy with his services; however, it's always best to try to work things out first and seek a resolution to the issues. If you terminate representation, you have a right to have your file promptly returned to you and a refund of any unearned portion of fees already paid refunded. If there is a dispute as to the fee, the State Bar has a fee dispute resolution process. I've included a link where you can find more information.

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Obviously your attorney should be communicating with you and the process should not be taking so long. If you cannot get them to work with you then you will have to talk to another attorney. You current attorney should give you your file. Whether you are entitled to any money back will depend on the agreement you have with your attorney and how much work they have actually done.

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