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If i have a warrent in alabama and i need to get my id renewed in ga will i go to jail

Conyers, GA |
Attorney answers 3


Ordinarily, you would only have to be concerned about possibly being picked up on a warrant by law enforcement, not if you are going to get your ID (or DL) renewed. I advise, however, that you hire a criminal defense attorney in AL close to where the traffic court case is in order to take care of that, because if you get stopped anywhere, and police check whether there are outstanding warrants, they may be able to see that warrant for AL.


I would suggest you pay the ticket in Alabama first, that should resolve the warrant. Generally, state do not extradite for traffic citation warrants but you never know. Other than that contact an AL lawyer.


Both prior answers are on target. It takes very little to rack up 600.00 in fines in Georgia for traffic. One stop, three citations and a CDL and you it right there in one case. Alabama, in my experience, is similar. Get an attorney in Alabama and get it cleared up. Avoiding it only makes you life miserable. I suspect that the money is all they want anyway, and they will likely allow probation.

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