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If i have a record of robbery w/firearm how am i still able to vote

Hollywood, FL |

i was just let go from a job because of my record when they did the background check but i have a voter registration card so is the record on my adult file?

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I am not sure what you are asking. Unless your charge was dismissed and expunged/sealed, you will always be on your record. Having a criminal record will make getting approval for an apartment very difficult. You should know what charges are on your record. If you are denied approval for an apartment based on your criminal record but you do not agree with what a background search discovered, you would need to pull certified dispositions from all of your old cases to show the inconsistencies. An attorney could help you resolve this issue.

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It is hard to answer your question. If you have do not have a conviction for a felony you can vote. Pull your disposition and contact a lawyer to go over your record to know exactly what the dispo of your case was so you can get the answer you need. You may have gotten a witholding of adjudication which still shows up on background checks but does not preclude you from voting.

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I agree with the other attorneys that more information is needed to answer this question. There are many variables. Your best bet is to contact a local attorney and review the disposition of your case.

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You only lose your right to vote when you are "convicted" of a felony. It is possible to have your civil rights (the right to vote is a civil right) restored after a felony conviction. You would need to look at your court paperwork to determine if you were actually convicted or not.

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