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If i have a petty theft charge that was sealed and am now being charged with embezzelment what type of time am i looking at?

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the total was 3500 dollar over a 3 month period but. I've been buying back most of the things i've embezzeled so that the total will go down, will this help with my sentencing. my petty theft charge was from when i was 16 years old and it was sealed and i am now 21.

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These cases are extremely difficult for the state to prove absent a full and detailed confession. Talk to a good local attorney in charlotte.



Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. I have a follow up question though. if i am convicted will my on previous offense (the sealed record) make it more likely to go to jail or prison? or could I apply for the deferred prosecution program?


You would not be looking at active time. At worst, you would receive probation. It may be possible for your attorney to negotiate a deferred prosecution agreement if the restitution is paid.

William Lenox Fay

William Lenox Fay


While I think a probationary sentence is much more likely, a class H is a C/I/A block which means that he COULD get active time - its just not very likely, even if the charge from 5 years ago were brought to light.

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