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If I have a order for child support (for arrears) already being deducted, can they deduct it from other sources?

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The order is for $180 deducted twice a month, total $360. I received a quarterly bonus of which they took $165. Does that make the court order null and void. If not, can I have the court order modified for a lower amount. If the bonus amount cannot be refunded, would it be applied as a credit deducted from the arrears amount?

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I don't think that you have any thing to worry about. Just keep up with the accounting that they send you. Not worth doing anything at this point, I don't think......

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No, this does not make the court order "null and void." yes, the credit should be deducted from the arrears amount. Make sure to keep records of what the total amount of arrears was and all of the deductions that come out - always best to keep on top of that!

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