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If i have a judgement against a past employer and they are not paying, is it possible to put a lein on her house?

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won labor board case, it turned to judgement in the superior court in Orange County. She has not paid. Yet they have a huge house, her and her husband drive BMW's and her teenagers drive new mercedes. Please advise. Can I put a lien on her house? Or what is the best and least expensive way to get paid what has been won? THANK YOU!

it was against a business entity, however, on the judgement it has her full name as well as her husbands full name. she also co-mingled her accounts and wrote personal checks to cover bounced payroll checks .. does that make a difference? THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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You can only put a lien on her house IF the judgment lists her name as an individual defendant/judgment debtor and her name is on the deed. You can't go after her car, her kids' cars, etc. You can have the defendant/judgment debtor's bank accounts levied. Collecting on a judgment can be very tedious, time consuming and it costs money. The costs you pay to collect on the judgment are added to the judgment amount. If you hire an attorney to help you collect the judgment (recommended), you can only add attorneys' fees paid by you IF the judgment states that you can.


More info needed. You probably have a judgment against the business, but not her personally, right? What kind of business is it?

You should contact an attorney near you to get help.

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My colleague raises a good point. If the judgment is against a company and not personally against the woman in question, then you don't have a way yet of going against the personal assets.

Assuming the judgment is against the woman, however, you can place a lien on her home by preparing and recording and abstract of judgment. There are also mechanisms for attaching bank accounts and garnishing wages. It isn't possible to tell you what the least expensive mechanism is, since each case depends on its own facts.

Best of luck to you.