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If I have a full time job and my daughters mom has not worked in 4 years what rights do I have.

Phoenix, AZ |

I feel that I am paying too much in child support but according to the child support worksheet it shows I owe more. What can I do if the mother of my daughter has not worked in 4 years.

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Your legal recourse is to file a petition to modify child support. When filling out the child support calculator make sure that you are not putting "0" for your wife's income. It does not matter what she actually does, only what she is capable of doing. The court looks at what skills she possesses. If she can make more than minimum wage the court may impute that amount to her for the child support calculation. If she is not disabled she is capable of working a full-time job at minimum wage. Plug in the minimum wage ($7.25) multiplied by 40 (hours) multiplied by 52 (weeks) divided by 12 (months) = her contribution. Your child support amount should lowered. Good luck with your future endeavors.

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