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If i have a felony can i marry an immigrant?

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my fiancee is from israel and wants to get married but i have a felony

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You can marry your fiancee. Your felony conviction has no impact on getting married to an immigrant. If you are filing for a fiancee visa or a marriage green card to get your fiancee in the U.S., immigration service will do a criminal background check on your fiancee, not you.

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There is nothing to stop you from marrying your fiancee.

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I beg to respectfully differ from my colleagues. If the felony you were convicted of was one involving child abuse you will be barred from petitioning your finance.

Specifically in 2006 the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety was singed by President Bush. It aims to protect children from sexual exploitation, violent crime, prevent child abuse, child pornography, promote Internet safety, honor the memory of Adam Walsh and other child crime victims.
Section 402 of the Adam Walsh Act BARS U.S. citizens and LPR's who have been convicted of any “specified offense against a minor” from filing a family-based immigrant petition (INCLUDING Form I-130 on behalf of ANY beneficiary.) Section 402 also amends the INA to include fiancees.
So the answer is depends on the type of felony you have been conviceted of. Good Luck.

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