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If I have a DUI in South Dakota and I get a DWAI in Colorado, what will be the penalty?

Denver, CO |
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If convicted of the charges you describe, you face a sentence of 6 days to 1 year in the county jail, fines and court costs exceeding $1000, 52-104 hours of community service, along with alcohol classes, probation, etc.

Again, this is only if you are convicted of these charges. Don't go to court unrepresented. Speak with an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney who can properly evaluate your case.

Best of luck to you.

John Buckley


You are looking at your Second conviction. While this may only be a DWAI it will still have some pretty severe consequences. You are looking at about $1000 in fines, at least 50 hours of useful public service and some jail time. Because the DA is only charging you with a DWAI I would strongly recommend you get a DUI specialist. The sentences only get harsher after your first DUI and you need to protect your rights.


Every judge is different, but with a second conviction you are looking at mandatory jail. I would agree with the others wholeheartedly that you need to be represented. You should call Chris Cessna who is Avvo member and practices in your area. Good luck.